Well hello there! I'm Doctor Alex. What's that? Of course I clean my coat... :|
asked: Oh, well, now. Isn't that lovely? No. I don't feel any of that stuff. Yet. *cringes from the cold* Cold, cold, cold! Ok, now, about my vision...? What about that? It's still slightly blurry. I can barely see the stains on your coat like this.

Hmm, good good. Sorry, sorry you’ll get used to the cold in a few minutes, but it’ll help with the swelling of the bump.



I do not have stains on my coat, what are you talking about?!

Hmm, you have suffered a head injury, Gwen. Blurred vision is not uncommon. Right now i advise that you just lay still on the cot and close your eyes. Try to stay awake though, at least until I can rule out a concussion. 

Stay here and I’ll go get you some medication.